I’m a sewer and vegetable grower who loves taking photos.

Warmer days are spent in the garden with smaller sewing projects on the go, turning my harvests into yummy dinners and chutney making which my family and friends can’t get enough of!

Winter nights are spent snuggled on the sofa crocheting.

I am currently busy sewing away so that I can have a me made wardrobe. Dresses are my thing but skirts, tops and jeans are definitely on my to sew list.

My little home is very organised, I love lots of colour but don’t do colour schemes and I can’t resist a bargain find. I’ll share sneak peeks as I can’t resist photographing my world.

Happy reading, following, sharing and loving.


Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a question about your patchwork blanket…does the cardboard get left in? This bit confuses me as surely it can’t be washable with cardboard in? Or is it?! I want to make one with old baby clothes one day. X


    1. You take them out. When hand sewing them together you have to do super small stitches and not go through the cardboard. I’ve been taking them out as I go along so it’s less bulky. Good luck with your blanket. I’ve got hundreds of the cardboard hexagons you can have!


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