Disappointing Leeks


To begin with here is my vegetable patch. The garden has been transformed from how it was when I first bought my little house (I’ll post about that anther day). It’s made from five railway sleepers and it is big enough to keep us supplied with vegetables throughout the summer and autumn.
The green mesh is to stop the cats! And on the subject of cats I checked the garden this morning and no poo, yay! So hopefully the fir comes are working.


The Patch.

At this time of year it is very empty. My aim this year is to have some vegetables growing throughout the winter. At the moment there is just garlic growing and a lot of them!



I grew leeks for the first time last year and they were brilliant so I thought I would grow them again and more of them. They started off really well in a large pot which I kept them in until they were about pencil thickness. I then transferred them into the main vegetable patch.


Disappointing Leeks.

Some of them don’t appear to have grown much at all and most have just double in thickness and not really increased in size. I dug them all up at the weekend as they are unlikely to grow anymore. Even though they are small they are really tasty.


Small and Short.

I follow Lavender and Leeks and have watched her video about planting out leeks so will try that next year as I will be honest and I did fill in the holes rather than watering them in so that maybe why they weren’t so successful as the dirt could have got between the layers. I will definitely be growing them again this year.

How have you leeks turned out this winter?

Fir Cones and Snowdrops

Whilst the sun was shinning on yesterday’s sunny Sunday I got out in the garden. First job was to tackle the cat poo… YUCK. We have massive issues with cats pooing in the garden which upsets me massively. I was told that fir cones stop cats pooing so before Christmas I put some down and fingers crossed it seems to work. I did find four today but that’s not many considering how many there normally are. When visiting my nan earlier on in the week I went for a walk around the local churchyard where there are always lots of fir cones so gathered up a bag full.

My finds.



Church of St Mary, Stevington

After a quick garden tidy up this morning I scattered them in the bare patches. Fingers crossed this will work. I don’t know if it’s the smell or texture of them that the cats don’t like but as long as it works I don’t mind, especially as they are free!

Fir cones, tulips and a micro pig.


In the afternoon we went to Bennington Lordship Gardens in Hertfordshire to see the snowdrops. So many snowdrops and really lovely grounds.


The grounds.

I felt it was a little expensive (£5 per adult) as we were only there about an hour and a half (this included stopping for tea and cake!). I understand that there is a lot of up keep and in the summer you will most likely be there a lot longer so will definitely be worth the entry fee. I was hoping to buy some of the snowdrops but they had sold out before we got there. There is a Chilli Festival during August Bank Holiday which I would love to go to and to see the gardens in full bloom. I will definitely be planting some snowdrops in my garden ready for next year.


Snowdrop Special.


Do you have issues with cat poo? If so how do you stop it? I would love to see your snowdrop pictures, feel free to share them with me on Facebook or Instagram.

Power Hour and Sewing Homework


Sew… Friday night for me started off with a Power Hour. My good friend Ann of Ivy Coaching introduced me to Power Hours as a way of getting lots done and not getting stressed. I usually end up with a huge list of things to do and then get stressed that I don’t have time to do it all. This way I allocate an hour and just do as much as I can and what doesn’t get done waits until the next Power Hour. This is perfect for me as my self diagnosed OCD means that my to do list is filled with the most random tasks which most normal people wouldn’t even considered as things that need doing ASAP! I’ve even got Mr C involved and he was the one that suggested we have a PH (he now abbreviates it!) today after work.

mmmmm YUM

Power Hour done and Mr C cooked an amazing Slimming World “naughty” dinner whilst I was doing sewing homework. Homemade chicken nuggets, homemade chips with peas and sweetcorn. At just 2 syns (flour) for the whole dinner it felt like it was a treat meal but was completely on plan.

I started a new sewing course this week with Janet from Kitchen Table Sewing. We are making a satchel bag from Lisa Lams A Bag for all Reasons. Read all about Janet’s review of the bag and course on her blog.


Two hours sewing!

Week one was a lot of cutting and fiddly sewing to make the tabs and we even have homework! Tonight whilst dinner was being made I have finished cutting out all the pieces and one lot of the interfacing. This weekend I aim to get the tabs finished.


All cut out and ready to sew

I chose a navy blue star pattern. Navy of course will go with almost everything and I do love a pattern. I didn’t want to be too adventurous with the pattern and have lots of pattern matching to do as I’ve never made such a complex bag and want to concentrate learning the new skills and techniques.



I’ll keep you updated during the four week course of how the bag is shaping up. I would definitely recommend Janet’s courses. I’ve been on the Beginners Course and Liberty Knicker Night which was amazing. I’ll write a post about these another day.


The bag from the beginners course.


Liberty knicker.

Does anyone have any sewing plans this weekend? Definitely incorporate a Power Hour and let me know how you get on.